Saving Audio material into Radioman


Go to the website and click on the file you want to download.


Choose to Save the file and then chose the directory where you want to save the audio.  It is recommended that you create a new folder on the D drive of your computer.


Click Save when you have chosen the folder and wait for the file to download.


Go to the folder you have saved the audio in to via My Computer icon on your desktop.


Open Radioman Quick Edit Pro in the usual way.  Go back to your directory where your audio is stored by selecting it at the bottom of the screen.


Once you have both Quick Edit Pro and your directory on the screen drag your audio clip in to the edit window of Quick Edit.



Quick Edit will then convert it to Radioman format



You can then click on the Save to database icon at the top left of the screen



You can then choose the folder to save in to, Title your clip and tick publish to ENPS